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The Parks & Recreation Advisory Board (PARAB) and the Golden Gate Community Advisory Board provides guidance and community input for the Parks & Recreation Division hosting public monthly meetings with Parks’ staff.

Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

PARAB meets the third Wednesday of each month at various Collier County facilities.  Meetings may be cancelled, rescheduled, or changed at any moment from the direction of the board or staff recommendation.  For information on meetings, call 239.252.4000.

Board Members

Donna Fiala – District: 1 / Category: Alternate – At Large
Eric Kelly – District: 1 / Category: Urban
Kristina Heuser – District: 2 / Category: Urban
Rebecca Gibson-Laemel – District: 3 / Category: Urban
Lee Dixon – District: 4 / Category: Urban
Jessica Bergel – District: 4 / Category: Urban
Joshua Fruth, Vice Chairman – District: 5 / Category: Urban
Edwards “Ski” Olesky, Chairman – District: 5 / Category: Immokalee


Agendas & Minutes

PARAB Agendas and Minutes 2023
PARAB Agendas and Minutes 2021
PARAB Agendas and Minutes 2020
PARAB Agendas and Minutes 2018

Golden Gate Community Center Advisory Board

Golden Gate Community Center Advisory Committee meets at 6:00 p.m. the first Monday of each month at Golden Gate Community Center, 4701 Golden Gate Parkway, Naples, FL 34116. For information on meetings call 239.252.4180.

Board Members

Kaydee Tuff
Angela Richberg
Willie Brice III
Ruth Oris
Lizzettee Homar-Ramos

Agendas & Minutes

GGCC Agendas and Minutes 2024
GGCC Agendas and Minutes 2022
GGCC Agendas and Minutes 2020
GGCC Agendas and Minutes 2019
GGCC Agendas and Minutes 2018
GGCC Agendas and Minutes 2017
GGCC Agendas and Minutes 2016
GGCC Agendas and Minutes 2015
GGCC Agendas and Minutes 2013
GGCC Agendas and Minutes 2012
GGCC Agendas and Minutes 2011

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