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Can I volunteer for a Park program or event?

Yes, Collier County Parks & Recreation is always looking for volunteers to assist with the teaching of exercise classes, helping with child care, assisting with set up and operation of special events and running sport programs for adults and children.

The department hosts 600 programs during any given quarter including after school care and summer camp for kids, both of which require a lot of man or woman power.

If you’d like to volunteer, click here or call 239.252.4000.

Can we rent Parks' facilities such as pavilions?

Yes, Collier County Parks & Recreation does rent its facilities following Collier County Government’s rental policies.

Click this link to find out more about our rental rates and consider Collier County Parks & Recreation for your needs.

You may also call (239) 252-4000 or the park you are looking at visiting, click here.

How do I sign up or sign my child up for programs?

You may register for programs online, however all child-care programs such as After School and Summer Camps require that parents download forms for their child to participate. Once your child has been signed up for the program online, you should download the appropriate forms from this page.

Click here to search programs and visit ONLINE REGISTRATION.

Facility rentals, however, must still be done in person. Program information is available in the downloadable REAL Guide or by visiting the online registration area to search for programs.

For more information you may call Parks & Recreation Administration Offices at (239) 252-4000.

How much does a Vehicle on the Beach Permit cost?

A vehicle on the Beach Permit is $250. This fee is waived for public non-profit organizations engaging in bona fide environmental activities for scientific, conservation or educational purposes. Checks are made payable to the Board of County Commissioners (BCC).

Registration Forms for Parks & Recreaction Programs
Sea Turtle Protection
What is offered for adaptive recreation individuals?

Collier County Parks and Recreation offers many programs for individuals, adults and children, with adaptive needs.

It is our goal to enable individuals to have meaningful, productive and most importantly, fun recreation experiences.

Collier County believes that all individuals should be provided with leisure opportunities that allow for performance at the highest possible level. Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to register for recreational programming. Along with registration, please make us aware of any accommodations that may be necessary to participate.

Collier County Parks and Recreation is pleased to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.) regulations.

Please, call For more information, or to request assistance contact Adaptive Inclusive Recreation, at 239-252-4184 or

What is the Cold Weather Policy for County pools?

Collier County owns and operates three pool facilities including the Golden Gate Fitness and Aquatics Facility, Sun-N-Fun Lagoon Water Park and the Immokalee Sports Complex pool.

All three facilities operate under the same Cold Weather Policy,which is:

If the air temperature is 59 degrees or less, the department may consider and implement a temporary shut down of any water facilities, such as those mentioned above. The coolest months in Southwest Florida are January and February.

If you plan on going to a water recreation site, call ahead to make sure it is open if the temperature is near 59 degrees.

You may also call the following numbers for information:
Eagle Lakes Community Park Aquatics Facility (239) 252-1020
Golden Gate Fitness & Aquatics Facility (239) 252-6128
Immokalee Sports Complex Aquatic Facility (239) 252-8811
Sun-N-Fun Lagoon (239) 252-4021
Parks and Recreation Administration (239) 252-4000

What is your withdrawal policy?

If you are not satisfied with a class or are unable to participate for any reason, please contact us immediately. Our policy is to provide 100% credit or refund (your choice) to anyone who makes a WRITTEN request before the start of the second class.

Requests received after the second class will entitle participants to a prorated refund. Prorated refunds will be based on the number of classes remaining at the time the written application for refund is made.

This offer does not include adult sports leagues or supplies purchased for the class. A 10% transaction fee may be applied to refunds. For more information call (239) 252-4000.

Where can I find what new Parks Projects are planned?

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