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sea turtle protection

Sea Turtle Protection

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Collier County Parks & Recreation is proud to help protect Sea Turtles.

The Sea Turtle Protection Program monitors nests and helps rescue stranded Sea Turtles. This program also assists in removing deceases Sea Turtles. Daily inspections are made by Parks & Recreation staff at all Collier County Beaches to monitor Sea Turtle activity.  A weekly Sea Turtle Report is updated on a weekly basis.  Sea Turtle Reports are done on an annual basis. (2023 Sea Turtle Report)

You Can Help! A key part of this program is public education to ensure residents and visitors are aware of this unique species and how they can help in our conservation efforts.

Sea Turtles are an endangered species and are protected by Sea Turtle Laws, Regulations and Guidelines. Sea Turtle Lighting Compliance inspections are conducted by Parks & Recreation staff semimonthly throughout sea turtle nesting and hatching season. Light sources that create a visible shadow on the beach are considered a violation.

It is your responsibility to know the rules and we appreciate your efforts to help the Sea Turtle recover from being an endangered species.

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