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Gordon River Greenway Gordon River Greenway

Gordon River Greenway

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Gordon River Greenway

Taking advantage of the natural beauty along the Gordon River in one of the last unspoiled areas of urban Naples, the Gordon River Greenway stretches over two miles from Golden Gate Parkway toward the heart of Naples, ending at Central Avenue. Weaving among the mangroves and other native plants.

The 140-acre Gordon River Greenway Park provides an ecological corridor in the heart of urban Naples that offers visitors the opportunity to view wildlife and gain an appreciation for Southwest Florida’s natural beauty. The 2.5 miles of asphalt, mulch, and boardwalk trails meander through six different native plant communities and are designed for passive recreational activities such as: walking, jogging, biking, roller-blading and skateboarding. The park is leashed-dog friendly and contains: fishing and look-out piers, a kayak/canoe laugh with storage rack, bike racks, restrooms with water fountains, a playground with a tree-house, and picnic pavilions.

Greenways are attractive spots for birders, nature photographers and other artists, environmental and “greening” enthusiasts, and travelers who seek out new greenways and trails to explore.

Facility Amenities

Paved Pathways
Wildlife viewing stations
Decorative bridges
Restrooms and other amenities
Picnic shelter areas
Wildlife viewing stations
Decorative Bridges
Educational signage and interpretive graphics
Canoe and kayak launch
Rear entrance access to the Naples Zoo and the Conservancy of South west Florida
Access to the Naples Dog Park

Guest Information

Family Friendly

Payment Options



  • Park Hours6:30 a.m. – 10 p.m. every day

Questions call Collier County Parks & Recreation Division at 239-252-4000

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